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Posted: June 25, 2017

"All our problems regarding drinking water has ended, we will be taking care of our water supply scheme to make it sustain for very long so that our great grand children will drink the water from the same water supply scheme and we will not have to face the similar crisis as we faced before.”: Bijula Giri

Bijula Giri, vice chairperson of Dhobikhola water supply scheme, Godavari, is the active member of the user committee. Out of many affected water sources post 2015 earthquake, Dhobikhola Tin Dhare Muhan Water Supply Scheme was one. It was the only spring water source for the community with 61 households. The total numbers of beneficiaries are 370. The source of water shifted downward from pre-existing source and the discharge was low. Before earthquake also people used to rely on the same source which was open without any protection and they had lined up pipes from source to households in a haphazard way. It was time consuming and difficult to fetch water from the source to the house.  


Pipelines taken from intake to households before construction of Dhobikhola Tin Dhare Muhan Water Supply Scheme

OXFAM/CIUD has supported the community for intake, reservoir tank of 12000 litres, 1790 metre HDPE pipe, 3 public tap stands. The user committee has joined 43 private taps themselves with metre system and collect tariff monthly from the households. Bijula Giri and Pursottam Bista (Chair person) convinced the User committee and community people to contribute their time for the construction work. They made a work schedule for each person of the community.

                  User Committee actively participating on the construction of the intake

Though there was a difficulty to supply drinking water for 18 households which were above reservoir tank and intake, with the consultation and recommendation of OXFAM/CIUD user committee has requested Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) for solar pump of 2 hp and CIUD has supported for additional submersible pump of 2 hp and 5000 litre tank. With the active participation of user committee the construction work has been completed and handed to the user committee.

Maili Bharati (Single women): "Before earthquake we used to drink unprotected water and it was very difficult and time consuming to bring water from the source. But the situation has changed as we are getting safe drinking water at our doorstep.” 


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