About Us

The Context

In the process of human evolution, cities have emerged as dynamic and vibrant centers. Nowhere are these changes dramatic than in Asia. In Nepal the pace is so high that the urban population will double in less than a decade. Urbanization however, is coming with cost. The rate of urbanization exceeding the efforts to manage them as brought unprecedented challenges. This trend obviously entails a major reorientation of national development approach. Unfortunately, in Nepal, with its highly rural-biased policies, the Government has instigated few sporadic initiations in this direction. The limited resources allocation has resulted these ‘engines of growth’ into ‘dismays of civilization’. In the absence of proper planning, implementation and enforcement, the limited land and other resources of this already poor country are lodged into unsustainable and inequitable uses. The deteriorating urban environment-pollution, crime and congestions are the manifestation of inadequate and delayed responses. Urban poor are the obvious victims of this dilemma.

In this context Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD) intends to address the issues through two prong approaches- advocate in favor of sustainable urban development at all levels of governance and facilitate in urban services delivery to most needy population through community participation.


CIUD envisions livable cities in Nepal which is authentic, prosperous, secured and just.


The mission of CIUD is to promote and facilitate state of art methodologies and technologies in establishing vibrant, productive, participatory and sustainable cities in Nepal.


  1. Believe that integrated urban development can only be achieved through holistic and multidisciplinary interventions.
  2. Emphasizes on building long-term sustainable solutions
  3. Explores to understand existing indigenous local knowledge and best practices
  4. Recognizes that inclusion and participation of people are vital


Guided by people- centered policy, we adopt community-based approach where we strive for partnership with other stakeholders including local and central governments. Recognizing the complexities of urban centres we take multi-disciplinary approach in the search of sustainable solutions. Advocating for policy reforms at higher level and capacity building at local level through rooted advocacy in favor of forgotten majority urban population, will be the strategy of CIUD.

‘Advocacy planning’ to make the cities inclusive of all of its stakeholders is another approach where we strive for the participation of all groups within a community so that it becomes inclusive and their voices are heard. Research and action research are the tools employed in these ventures.


With the given wide range of urban domain, the main focus of CIUD is in the most burning and primary issues. Therefore, urban poor are our first priority area. Providing basic infrastructures like water and sanitation, disaster management, information systems and transportation planning are our major activity areas. Advocating pro-poor and people-centred sustainable solutions is an equally important domain of CIUD.