Knowledge sharing program on health-care waste management

Health-care waste management is one of the pressing health, environmental and social issues in Nepal. This extra hazardous waste needs a separate mechanism of management with special procedures and processes to treat them before mixing them with other municipal waste in order to prevent possible contamination to the hand handlers and also to minimize health and environmental hazards. Though, it has been made mandatory by the Nepal government to make the producers, such as hospitals, to manage their health-care waste by themselves, it is still a big question whether all the health-care centers have the knowledge and are following the standard procedure or not.

A knowledge sharing program, therefore, was organized by Centre for Integrated Urban Development, in collaboration with Kirtipur municipality, on June 7, 2023, to impart the knowledge on the current development on the health-care waste management in Nepal as well as the in the Kirtipur municipality and on regulation and the standard procedures of handling the heath-care waste. Three resource persons from HECAF 3600 covered various subjects of the waste including the findings of the survey of the health-care waste, regulations, and standard procedures, protocols and practices in their presentations. The program was attended by the representatives of twelve health posts and a hospital and other concerned people including the waste-based private sectors of the municipality. The program has also been considered a part of the Kirtipur Municipality’s initiation of promoting Common Waste Management Facility that will be implied in near future.

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