Green Public Space Management Project: Converting Public Open Space into a Green Park

Green Public Space Management project, under the open space management program of CIUD and as second phase of the project Revitalizing Kirtipur: Promoting People Centric Pond and Public Space Management, has been completed on June 2017. Designed to develop the public open space at the northern hill of Baghbhairav temple in the ward numbers 1, 2 and 10 of Kirtipur municipality into a green public park with the key objectives of conservation of the area from the encroachment and developing the area as the center of social integration and recreational activities. 

The project also developed sustainable solid waste management plan for the residents living around the park. Financially and technically supported by UN-Habitat and Kirtipur municipality, the project had been implemented from July 2016 to June 2017 through the formation and the active participation of the users’ committees. The project also included the rehabilitation and the reconstruction of the public water facilities such as stone spouts and natural spring sources.

With the direct involvement of the local participants of the workshop on Minecraft, a block based designing software, the park had been initially designed and proposed based on their collective ideas and opinions which were later solicited by the local authorities including the municipality.

The park, with the area of 10,175 square meters has been segmented into different sections as children’s playing area, senior citizens’ area, yoga section, picnic area with the physical amenities such as benches, swings, jumping bards with the walking trails.

During the project period, the members of the users’ committees and the members of the women’s group and local CBOs were provided the trainings on public water resource management, solid waste management, public open space management and gardening which would be beneficial for the sustainability of the project. One exposure visit for the local residents was also organized.


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